5 Steps of Apprenticing

Ever struggled with finding and developing some people to help you lead your Faith Group (and maybe even lead one on their own)? Here’s five steps to making that a reality in your group. You can start this today!


  1.  Observe: I do, you watch, we talk

Ask someone to observe you lead with a goal to help you in the future, then meet together and discuss the following questions:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • How can we improve?


  1. Help: I do, you help, we talk

Ask the same person to help with what they observed (something small initially is fine), then meet together and discuss the same questions again.


  1. Take on: You do, I help, we talk

As they get more comfortable, ask the person to take on something more significant. Now, they do the work, you help them do it. This is where they begin moving into leadership. Again, meet together and discuss the same questions above.


  1. Lead: You do, I watch, we talk

As they get more comfortable with the work, ask them to now begin leading. You observe them without helping. Again, meet together and discuss the same questions.


  1. Reproduce: You do, someone else watches, you both talk

Finally, as they are more comfortable leading, encourage them to invite someone else to watch them lead. Now the circle is complete – not only have you found someone to lead with you, they are able to lead on their own, and even lead others to lead.


We can do this together.  By the way…these are called the Five Steps of Apprenticing.  You may have heard them before. How about starting at stage 1 – find someone to invite to watch you!

Dorian Botsis

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  • Baird Lashley

    04.05.2016 at 13:17 Reply

    I am so glad there were people in my life who applied these steps to help me become a leader. It is a simple process that I now use over and over again to raise up new leaders at church. They are also really helpful as a father. Thanks for sharing Pastor Dorian!

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