Cliff Jumping

Recently, at a personal retreat, I spent time reflecting on some cliffs I feel I am facing. Each cliff represents a different challenge before me. I spent the time at the retreat seeking God’s wisdom in knowing which cliffs I needed to jump off of, which I needed to step back from and which ones weren’t actually cliffs, but just a step!

Stepping off a cliff means committing totally to the result. You cannot step off the cliff and stand on the edge. The challenge for me was that I couldn’t see the end result of that step… I couldn’t see if I would fall and get damaged, dive into the ocean, or any of a hundred other results that might happen depending on what was at the bottom. So I took the time to seek God and ask Him about my cliffs.

As you lead your group, you and those in your group will all face cliffs in your lives. Each will come to group, seeking wisdom from God and those at the group about what to do. The cliff might be a parenting decision, a spiritual decision, a financial, time or other resource decision. It doesn’t matter what the cliff is, it’s what that moment represents.  For each person, the moment of coming to the cliff represents the moment of decision, the moment of full commitment. Hearing the stories of other cliff jumpers can be encouraging and helpful, not to mention, provide great insight and direction.

So as you lead your group, and as you face your own cliffs, I encourage you to do what I did (and what our current series on worship called Approach recommends) – draw near to God! He doesn’t always tell us what the cliff outcome will be, but I can tell you this – He promises to step off the cliff with us!

What a great reason to draw near to God!

Dorian Botsis

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