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Hi to all you Faith Group Leaders,

One of the greatest improvements in our Faith Group ministry is the work of groups in serving the world on mission. We hear many reports of groups serving in a variety of ways. Thank you!

It is an area of improvement because we all believe in the value of giving back to others. In fact, one recurring request from leaders and group members is for more ideas and ways to serve. That’s why we’re dedicating a monthly blog post to advertise ways that faith group members can serve the world on mission.

Here are this month’s highlights:

Help Minuteman Movers with the essential need of packing before the move.

Our Minuteman Movers do a great job of helping people in need move homes. But when a request comes to help pack, how can they say no (but sometimes they do because they don’t have the means). You can help by being available to help! If you’re interested contact Mark Schortmann, the leader of Minuteman Movers.

Be a Bell Ringer!

This year the Framingham Salvation Army is looking for Saturday volunteer bell ringers for the Red Kettle Campaign. There will be kettles in select locations in Framingham, Ashland, Natick, Southborough and Sudbury that need coverage from 10 am to 8 pm.  Groups usually do this in two hour shifts, and it can be lots of fun. It also truly blesses an important local ministry to “the least of these.” It is a great thing for families to do together.  If you want to claim a date and a location (first come first served), please contact the Framingham business manager, Major Wendy Kountz at or call 508-875-3341.

Dorian Botsis

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