The Faith Group Leader

I just finished meeting with the Faith Group Leaders in our annual gatherings and I cannot be more humbled. Our Faith Group leaders are amazing. The stories I heard from these leaders about what God is doing are mind-blowing, but the stories aren’t what I’ll share here…I want to share what I saw in those meetings.

The Faith Group Leader of Faith Community Church is a selfless servant who spends hours in preparation for their groups. She thinks through the studies carefully with wisdom, selecting just the right one that will meet the demands of the group. He considers each participant, carefully weighing the impact of each new member to the group. The leader manages multiple schedules, group care needs like cancer, lost jobs, caring for aging parents, group member needs and church demands.

They conduct group meetings with grace and love, hoping for the new, young believer to take that step of faith in prayer, praying for the life change in the family overwhelmed by life, crying out to God for the member who is suffering and broken. They speak of their groups with immense love, like shepherds, knowing each member by name and story.

They are heroes of grace in a world of merciless villains.

Some have spent sleepless nights as they worry over their group member lives. Others, work through tiring days as they work to solve specific issues raised in the previous night’s group meeting.

They pray, think, discern, prepare, lead, guide, manage, shepherd, care for, bear with, groan through, worry over, but most of all LOVE their members.

God honors their efforts by working through them and saving people by grace, growing people in faith and loving all through them.

I am proud of these leaders in our church and consider them the unsung heroes of the success of our church. They bring glory to God and honor to His name. Thank you Faith Group Leaders for stirring my heart and touching my soul with the stories of God’s work through you.

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit!

Dorian Botsis

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